Lake County Pest Control Services

Residential and Commerical pest control services in Lake County, CA.

Maintenance programs: monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, one time.

Our regular pest management service includes: exterior inspection and inside when needed, removal of accessible cobwebs.

We offer pest control of:

  • Spiders, ants, Scorpions, earwigs, roaches
  • Fleas, bed bugs, ticks, pantry beetles
  • Yellow jackets (baiting, nest removal)
  • Rodents: Rats, mice (traps, baiting, exclusion, sanitation)
  • Bats (exclusion)
  • Skunks, raccoons, opossums (live trapping, exclusion)
  • Moles, Gophers (non-poison¬†control available)
  • Weed control: Pre & Post emergent.


Contact Us

(707) 995-0230 or (707) 295-8262

P.O. Box 1338
Lower Lake, CA 95457